We buy all collectible U.S. Coins!

Whether you have assembled a high quality collection, or have inherited a jar of old coins, bring them in for our high offer. Check your house  … you may have a treasure in that dresser drawer!  Let us evaluate your coins, and make you a strong offer.  We constantly need coins for our collector/investor base.  But a word of caution:  Collectors prefer coins in their original state, even if the coins are toned or dark.  It greatly diminishes the value of coins to clean them.  Please resist the temptation, as we will pay more for uncleaned coins.  We want to be sure that you can get as much as possible for your collection.

PHONE: 410-266-2530

  • Carson City Dollars
  • Large Cents
  • Bust Dollars
  • Flowing Hair Type
  • Draped Bust Type
  • Seated Liberty Type
  • Half Cents
  • Two Cent Pieces
  • Three Cent Piecesold-us-coins
  • Twenty Cent Pieces
  • All Old U.S. Coins