We buy old paper money!

Bring us your old U.S. paper money today for our high offer. We buy all old large size and small size U.S. paper money, regardless of condition.  Do you have an unusual piece of currency?  Let us evaluate it for you.  We especially need error notes … overprints, ink issues, mismatched serial numbers, etc. Bring your paper money to us today for our high offer.

  • U.S. Large-Size Notes
  • $500 & $1000 Notes
  • All Types of Error Notes
  • Silver Certificates
  • Gold Certificates
  • Confederate Currency
  • Fractional Currency 3c, 10c, 25c, 50c
  • Colonial Currency
  • All Maryland Notes
  • Paper Money with bank name (1902 & 1929)

PHONE: 410-266-2530