All Silver Items


WE BUY ALL SILVER OBJECTS! The trend has been away from the use of silver for years, partly due to the need to polish the silver on a regular basis.  If you find that you are not using your silverware, silver bowls, or candlesticks, bring them in and convert them to CASH.  We buy anything made of silver.

PHONE: 410-266-2530

  • Sterling Silver Flatware (knives, forks, spoons, etc.)
  • Sterling Silver Bowls
  • Sterling Silver Trays
  • Sterling Silver Candlesticks
  • U.S. Treasury Barssilver-object
  • 1 oz. to 1000 oz. .999 Silver Bars
  • Franklin Mint Silver
  • Silver Medals
  • European Silver (.835 and .900 purity)
  • Industrial Silver
  • Silver Jewelry
  • Anything made of silver